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[adjective][species] has been a whole lot of fun so far, and the response has been pretty good! What do you think of the site, though? If you'd like to see more of one thing, less of another; or if you have suggestions for directions the blog should be headed; or if you've got ideas for neat little toys to add, here's your chance to speak up! Information from this survey could help guide the direction of the project!


10 questions on 2 pages, with 622 responses.

Fine Print

We do hope that it's understood that the site is meant to be taken with a small chunk of salt, as much of the writing is tongue-in-cheek. If there are more personal issues, please feel free to let Makyo know, but the goal of the survey is more to gauge general satisfaction and to gather ideas for more content. All survey results are anonymous and some information contained in them may be used to further the site's content.

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